Installation of xenon and bi-xenon

Autocom company offers installation and sale of bi-xenon lenses and xenon lamps.

Xenon lamps provide enough bright illumination at night, close to daylight, helping to improve the visibility of road signs and unexpected obstacles. Xenon lasts 5 times longer than a halogen lamp, is not afraid of bumps and shaking. And one more plus - it does not provoke the appearance of cracks on the headlight glasses due to the lower temperature of the lamp.

Xenon is more often installed in the dipped beam, although it can be installed both in the dipped beam and in the high beam. In this case, it is called bi-xenon. After installing a set of bi-xenon lenses, the driver instantly gets a noticeable difference in the illumination of the roadway, increasing their own safety on the road. Our experts will help you decide on a suitable model of xenon and bi-xenon. We have sets of xenon and bi-xenon of famous brands: Philips, Osram, Kaixen, HELLA, Galaxy and others.

Services provided by the car service:


The malfunction of autolamps can be caused by a number of reasons. The most common is the failure of the lamp itself. An open circuit, malfunctions in ground contacts, relays, and much more can also occur. For xenon headlights, the ignition unit can fail. Thus, without diagnosing, it is difficult to find out the cause of the malfunction of auto lamps. Replacing room and interior light bulbs. We carry out the replacement of burned-out car lamps with new ones, and standard interior lighting lamps with LED lamps.


Replacing halogen lamps requires care. You can not touch the glass flask. If dirt, greasy traces remain on the flask, then the halogen lamps will soon fail. If you find that the halogen lamps are out of order, we recommend contacting a car service. The craftsmen will find the source of the problem and correctly install the headlight bulbs.


High beam bulbs are replaced from the engine compartment. The replacement of low beam lamps is carried out after removing the plastic under the hood. Getting to the lamps is quite difficult and without experience you can carry more than one day. Therefore, it is better to entrust this matter to professionals.

All car service customers receive an annual warranty service for components purchased and installed at the Autocom Group service station. All the information you are interested in about prices, installation time, selection of equipment for your car, you can get by phone number: (44) 364-2505

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