Autocom's car service has rich experience in the field of anti-gravel protection and car window tinting, we use materials from ASWF (American Standard Window Film), which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and KPMF protective films (England). Specialists produce car tinting, both on the territory of the service and on the road. We will find you a car tint that will meet all your requirements and wishes. Also, please note that in most cases the tinting process takes place WITHOUT REMOVING THE DOOR CARDS!

Our company pursues a democratic pricing policy, so you can be sure that the price of tinting will depend only on the class of car and on the complexity of gluing. Despite the apparent simplicity of the toning process, this work is very responsible and time-consuming, so only qualified personnel can handle it.

The tinting process

Also, our specialists can apply an athermal film. Modern athermal films are made on the basis of deposition of the smallest particles of metal or ceramics (for example, graphite). Ceramic films have improved physical, mechanical and chemical properties compared to metal, which makes them more resistant to influences such as ultraviolet radiation.

Today, if you want to preserve all the protective properties of tinting without violating GOST, athermal tinting is your choice! If you glue two front windows with an athermal film, the rest of the glasses are not standardized, you can travel to Europe and the CIS countries without any difficulties . Athermal film practically does not change the color of the glass. Only you have the information that your two front windows are tinted.

The process of applying athermal film


The process of reflection of solar energy by athermal film

Autocom's car service uses ASWF (American Standard Window Film) Performer series materials. This manufacturer is one of the world leaders, the quality of the materials of this company is proven by special wear resistance and durability. All this is due to the fact that Erickson International produces films on modern equipment using innovative technologies that have no analogues in the world.

Toning, as well as applying anti-gravel protection to the body, is carried out exclusively by appointment . Our experts will be glad to cooperate with you. You will receive comprehensive information on any issues related to our activities by phone: (097) 257 02 02 Oleg Koznyuk.


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Quality Assurance

The Avtokom service guarantees that during the warranty period the film will not burn out in the sun, peel off, delaminate and bubbles will not appear on it. You just need to follow some care instructions:

  • Remember that the film will dry completely only after 30 days.
  • After tinting, do not open windows for 3 to 10 days, depending on the season.
  • It is not advisable to heat the rear window within 7 days after installation.
  • Use a synthetic sponge or soft cloth to clean windows.