Engine and automatic transmission repair

The service station of the Avtokom company, which has extensive experience as a specialized car service for Hyundai, Kia, Toyota and Nissan, offers at affordable prices high-quality engine and automatic transmission repairs, as well as hardware oil changes for both Hyundai, KIA, Toyota, Nissan cars, and for cars of any other brands.

Advantages of our car service:

- We work with cars of all brands according to the quality standards of the official car service and pursue a democratic pricing policy;
- The service station is completed with the qualitative professional tool;
- There is a loyalty program for regular customers.

We offer you a comprehensive approach to solving problems with the engine or gearbox of your car. The essence of this approach lies in the fact that we do not just carry out diagnostics and repair of the engine or gearbox of a car, but also select high-quality spare parts according to the criterion of optimal price-quality ratio. For example:

  • Hardware (full) oil change in automatic transmission (with oil) at a price of UAH 2,000.
  • Automatic transmission repair on KIA, Hyundai cars from 10,000 UAH.

A guarantee of the quality of the work performed is the mandatory final control. 

Engine diagnostics and repair

How to avoid problems with the engine and gearbox of your car? General information for motorists.

The heart of every car is its engine, and in order to prolong its service life, special attention must be paid to it. As you know, any engine operates at constantly high temperatures and under heavy loads, which significantly reduces its service life. In order to prevent a quick failure of the engine, it is necessary to undergo all types of maintenance in a timely manner. Careful monitoring of the condition and preventive maintenance, even with the slightest malfunction, will allow you to avoid major engine breakdowns and save your budget from the hefty costs associated with vehicle overhaul.
If, nevertheless, it became necessary to repair the engine or gearbox, you need to know that repairs of varying complexity must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, therefore, it is necessary to have flow charts and electronic repair catalogs that ensure the proper quality of the work performed.
If your car has an engine or gearbox malfunction, or you just want to protect your car from breakdown, be sure that we can help you, as engine diagnostics in the Autocom service station are carried out by highly qualified specialists using modern computer equipment, which allows you to accurately identify the problem and begin to solve it. 

Oil change in automatic transmission.

For a complete oil change in automatic transmission, special equipment is used. With its help, new oil displaces old oil under pressure. As a result, the box is flushed with a 100% oil change.

The video shows the automatic transmission oil change in the service station of the Avtokom company

The Avtokom company recommends only 100% oil changes in automatic transmissions. Otherwise, the old oil will mix with the new one and a certain mixture will form, which can adversely affect the operation of the box and as a result of its breakdown and costly repairs.

Repair and diagnostics of automatic transmission

No matter how good the components on your car are, they can fail due to heavy load or improper operation. Our car service carries out modern diagnostics and repair of automatic transmission , regardless of the complexity of the problem. We have professional stands and all the equipment necessary for diagnostics. But, the main thing in this business can be called our qualified personnel with many years of experience, which will be able to quickly detect the problem and eliminate it qualitatively.

We can talk about the cost of repairing an automatic transmission after we find all the problems and select the appropriate parts. Further, we will qualitatively and quickly restore the integrity of the “machine”, so that you can pick up your vehicle from repair as soon as possible. Remember that in order to prevent automatic transmission malfunctions, it is necessary to regularly service the car, change the oil, and replace filters.

Repair and diagnostics of the automatic transmission is urgently needed in cases where the car's mileage reaches several thousand hundreds of kilometers. It can be said without a doubt that this type of repair is a complex and time-consuming process, but it cannot be avoided, so if you are faced with such a problem, you should contact specialists as soon as possible. In order to carry out repairs and diagnostics of the automatic transmission as rarely as possible , it is necessary to visit the vehicle service regularly.

The price of repair and diagnostics of automatic transmission

Naturally, the cost of automatic transmission repair is quite high. This is due to the fact that this mechanism has many nodes that, in the event of a breakdown, cannot be repaired, but can only be replaced. We value all our customers, and therefore we try to do quality work at affordable prices. By choosing us, you can be sure that the diagnostics and repair of automatic transmission will be carried out quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

Our car service has modern and professional equipment that allows you to accurately identify the cause of the breakdown, and qualitatively eliminate it. Many years of experience of our specialists makes it possible to quickly perform repair and diagnostic work of any complexity. Trust us, and you will forget what automatic transmission malfunctions are, and driving your vehicle will give you only pleasure.

We guarantee high-quality and complete oil change in automatic transmission by highly qualified specialists using modern equipment.

You can sign up for the service by phone (044) 364 25 05 or through the feedback form directly on our website .