wheel alignment

The Avtokom company, having one of the best car services, offers a service for diagnosing and adjusting wheel alignment for cars of all brands. Do not know where to go through the procedure collapse convergence in Kyiv - come to us!

To perform computer diagnostics and wheel alignment adjustment, we use modern 3D wheel alignment equipment Hofmann Geoliner 650.

The video shows the wheel alignment procedure in the service station of the Avtokom company

The term wheel alignment is understood as the installation angles of the position of the wheels of the car. Not matching these angles to the norm at the “best case” leads to increased fuel consumption, premature tire wear and additional load on the suspension. In the “worst case”, a vehicle with incorrect wheel angles can experience problems with handling and road stability, which affects driving safety.

Wheel alignment

Vehicle wheel alignment

The cause of improper camber can be the natural wear of the undercarriage of the car that occurs during its operation, a one-time shock load on the suspension, minor accidents and any repair or replacement of parts for the undercarriage of the car.
It is possible to qualitatively check and adjust the camber-toe angles only at a service station equipped with modern computer stands.


Wheel alignment procedure

Wheel alignment procedure in the service "Autocom"

To perform a service for 3D diagnostics and wheel alignment adjustment, Autocom uses the Hofmann Geoliner 650 computer diagnostic stand.

The work of the stand is built on the basis of three-dimensional measurement of geometry. The stand is equipped with two high-quality video cameras installed in the lifting device, four special targets mounted on wheels, and, most importantly, a powerful computer program for processing measurement results.
The measurement process itself is very simple: the car rolls forward and backward for short distances, while video cameras shoot targets in motion and transfer the results to a computer, where they are instantly processed. If the diagnosis is carried out by a specialist, then the process takes no more than a couple of minutes. At the same time, 3D technology provides very high accuracy, which cannot be achieved by any other methods, and an intelligent computer program and a powerful database are the heart of the entire stand and ensure the highest accuracy and reliability of measurements.

Computer wheel alignment stand
Hofmann Geoliner 650 wheel alignment computer stand

Alignment processing program

The program for processing the results of wheel alignment measurements

Of course, modern equipment is an integral part of a good service center, but to obtain high-quality work results, the professionalism and experience of the workers operating this equipment are still fundamental.
Therefore, if you are looking for a service center with modern equipment and highly qualified specialists, contact Avtokom.

Additional Information:

1. In what cases it is necessary to carry out the diagnosis of the collapse of the convergence?

For cars that are in “normal” mode of operation (not taxis, not extreme driving, etc.), our experts recommend that this operation be carried out at intervals of 10-15 thousand km and at least once a year.
In addition, in some cases, an unscheduled adjustment of the angles of the position of the wheels of the car is necessary. We refer to such cases:

  • Damage to wheel rims as a result of impact load (for example, a wheel falling into a pit);
  • Repair of the chassis of the car (replacement of suspension arms, replacement of tie rod ends, replacement of silent blocks, etc.);
  • While driving, you feel that the car began to be taken to the side;
  • Strong tire wear is visually visible;
  • when exiting corners. Vehicle steering wheel does not self-return to normal position.

2. Why does Avtokom use the Hofmann Geoliner 650 stand to perform diagnostics and adjust the wheel angle?

The Hofmann Geoliner 650 wheel alignment stand is designed for the wheels of any passenger cars. The stand provides:

  • simplicity and high accuracy of measurements
  • fast measurements (average time 1-2 minutes)
  • automatic measurement of vehicle dimensions
  • 3D representation of all data
  • complete, up-to-date and promptly updated data received directly from car manufacturers (the database contains more than 5000 car models).
  • on-line help program with 3D animation
  • customer data bank
  • the possibility of adjusting the convergence with the wheels turned
  • the possibility of adjustment with the wheels removed (sensors are mounted on the hub)
  • The stand software is regularly updated.