Pre-sale preparation of the car

Autocom's car service provides a full range of works on pre-sale preparation of cars of all brands.

When selling a car to another owner, you need to understand that its appearance will greatly affect the overall impression of the buyer about the vehicle. Therefore, polishing a car before selling it is always a good idea. A polished car looks much more presentable, the body will look brighter and newer, and this will give you the opportunity to significantly raise the price of a car.

Coming to the service, few customers know specifically what activities will help improve the appearance of the car before selling it. Autocom service specialists, based on the wishes of the client and the assessment of the condition of the car, offer appropriate measures that will help achieve the desired result and greatly help in the sale.

car polishing

Before selling, it is necessary to bring the car in good technical condition, and of course a presentable appearance. It is necessary to check the condition of the engine, chassis, gearbox, and other parts. It does not hurt to carefully polish the body, cover up all visible scratches, apply new beauty to those places where it has flown off. Also, do not forget about washing and dry cleaning the interior. These activities will help to achieve a newer and more well-groomed look, and present your car in the most favorable light to the buyer.

The car showroom of the Autocom company uses the technology of removing dents without painting - PDR, which allows you to repair dents up to a meter in diameter without painting the car, while maintaining the factory paintwork. The big advantage is the shortest possible time required for such restoration work.

Paintless dent removal technology

PDR technology in the car service of the company "Autocom"

Employees of the service station of the Avtokom company have extensive experience and know all the nuances of the pre-sale preparation of any car. Therefore, you can be sure that thanks to their experienced look, not a single detail will be left without attention and all shortcomings will be eliminated.