Maintenance and repair of air conditioners

Car service of the company "Autocom" offers its customers services for the diagnosis, refueling and repair of car air conditioning systems.

Diagnostics of the air conditioning system includes:

- checking the system for leaks;

- performance testing;

- checking the electrical part of the system.

In order to avoid failures in the car's air conditioning system, it is necessary to carry out its diagnostics at a service center at least once a year. This will protect you from serious malfunctions.

In the service station of the Avtokom company, the car air conditioner is charged with refrigerant in a matter of minutes at affordable prices. Despite the cost and efficiency of this operation, it is carried out only by technology and with the use of special equipment. This ensures that the charging of the air conditioner will be carried out correctly.

If there is not enough refrigerant in the air conditioner, its evaporator will not be completely filled, resulting in low suction pressure, reduced performance, and may lead to overheating and then failure of the compressor. If the system is overcharged with refrigerant, liquid will enter the compressor and damage it.

Before refueling the air conditioner, the specialists of the Avtokom car service company must perform diagnostics of the entire air conditioning system. Then the system is evacuated in order to remove air and moisture from it, after which the air conditioner is charged in accordance with the volume recommended by the manufacturer.


The video shows the refueling of the car's air conditioner in the service station of the company "Autocom"

In order for the air conditioning system of the car to always be in good condition and function normally, it is necessary to regularly perform its maintenance procedure. According to experts, one maintenance per year is enough. In addition, in order to evenly distribute the compressor oil throughout the system, it is desirable to run the air conditioning system for ten minutes once a month.