Autocom offers a wide range of technical fluids: engine oils, transmission oils, antifreeze, brake fluid . Car owners can choose from all lubricants based on their preference, manufacturer's recommendations and budget. The Avtokom Autoshop always has a wide range of liquids: Motul, Shell, ZIC . If necessary, delivery across Kyiv and Ukraine is possible.

To get advice on the selection of oils or place an order, dial the number: (044) 364-24-29 . Send a request:  suhih@autocom.in.ua

Shell Helix engine oils are designed to improve performance in three key areas: help keep engines clean, minimize friction and resist wear. Shell Helix is ​​the motor oil recommended by the Ferrari team. 

In the Shell Helix range, you can find an oil that is suitable for any engine. Shell engine oils are approved by many leading car manufacturers.

Shell Helix Ultra is a line of high performance synthetic motor oils formulated with Shell's patented PurePlus Technology (natural gas based synthetic base oil technology) to provide even greater engine cleanliness and protection. Shell PurePlus technology enables Shell to produce lubricants with unique parameters:

- extremely low volatility at high temperatures ensures reduced oil consumption for topping up;

- exceptional pumpability at sub-zero temperatures guarantees easy start of the engine, even at a temperature of - 35C;

- resistance to oxidation preserves the performance of the oil during the entire life cycle.

In addition to engine oils, Shell also offers oils for automatic transmissions and manual transmissions, axles, greases, brake fluids, additives, car body and interior care products.