Computer diagnostics of the car

In a modern car, electronics play a very important role and interact more and more with mechanics. The serviceability of its work is a factor that determines the safety of the driver and his passengers while driving.

Autocom's car service specialists will perform the most complex diagnostic and repair work on all components of the car, electronic systems, air conditioning and heating devices of vehicles.

The video shows computer diagnostics of a car in the service station of the Avtokom company

Given the rapid development of automotive technology in recent years, the number of vehicles equipped with sophisticated electronics has increased significantly. The emergence of modern engine management systems, stabilization of movement and brakes, safety and comfort control has fundamentally changed the method of car diagnostics. A new concept has appeared - computer diagnostics of a car. It is performed only with the help of special devices, which, unfortunately, not all service stations can boast of, even in large cities.


Computer diagnostics

Computer diagnostics in the car service of the company "Autocom"

Diagnostics of the car is the key to its long and safe operation. It is clear that if at least one part of the system fails, at best, the car will malfunction, at worst, it will stop and will not be able to continue driving. Determination of malfunctions by the old method "by eye" can result in premature failure of parts and components of the vehicle.

Therefore, in the service station of the Avtokom company, only professionals who have at their disposal special high-precision computer equipment are engaged in this business for diagnosing any car, regardless of brand and model (including Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Nissan). This helps the service to ensure that any malfunctions are quickly identified, while minimizing the influence of the human factor on the result of such diagnostics.

To carry out computer diagnostics, Autocom specialists use a professional dealer scanner GDS (Global Diagnostic System), which allows our car service to carry out a full diagnostics of all electronic systems of cars. The special software of this diagnostic tool makes it possible to update the GDS system automatically.

Computer car diagnostics

Computer diagnostics in the car service of the company "Autocom"

The presence in the car service of the best devices to date allows you to diagnose in various operating modes, at different loads, and makes it possible to eliminate the identified problems. Special devices are connected to the car and read the encoded information about the operation of all systems. The received data is displayed in a form understandable for the wizard, and provides all the necessary information.
The main task of the Autocom service is to make a qualified repair of your car!