Running gear diagnostics and repair

The chassis of a modern car is a complex mechanical system, the state of which has a huge impact on traffic safety. Therefore, constant monitoring of the running gear is not a whim of the car owner, but a matter of safety for the driver of the vehicle and passengers.

The Avtokom company carries out the whole range of works: running gear diagnostics in Kiev, running gear repair for Hyundai, Kia, Toyota and Nissan . We service cars of all domestic and foreign brands. Providing, due to a team of experienced specialists and modern equipment, high quality of work performed at a very reasonable price.

The video shows the diagnostics of the chassis in the service station of the Avtokom company, Kyiv

Diagnostics of the running gear of the car is a very responsible operation. The identification of many defects that directly affect road safety depends on how carefully and accurately the specialist conducts it. The reliability of detecting malfunctions of the brake system, ball bearings, the state of silent blocks, support bearings, the performance of shock absorbers and springs in the chassis mechanisms plays a decisive role in this operation.

Diagnostics of the running gear of the car is included in the list of services that are provided at the service station of the Avtokom company in Kyiv.

Comprehensive running diagnostics includes:

  • Inspection and control of the condition of the suspension parts for the absence of play and mechanical damage;
  • Inspection of shock absorbers for tightness;
  • Inspection and control of steering elements for tightness and absence of backlash;
  • Inspection of anthers of CV joints for tightness; 
  • Inspection of brake discs and pads for wear; 
  • Check wheel bearings for damage.

Our car service guarantees a thorough diagnosis, which will help to identify hidden defects in the operation of the car and eliminate the detected malfunctions.

Running diagnostics in a car service

Diagnosis of running gear in the car service of the company "Autocom"

For the owner of the car, the main thing is the timeliness of contacting the service center for diagnostics. If you notice any changes in the operation of your vehicle, it is better not to delay the repair, regardless of the time of year and road conditions. After all, the chassis of the car, as well as the engine compartment, is a single system, and one faulty part pulls another. Therefore, the sooner a problem is identified, the less trouble and material costs will be.

Running gear diagnostics

Diagnosis of running gear in the car service of the company "Atokom"

It is worth noting that shock absorbers, silent blocks, anthers and other components of the running gear are just consumables and they will not work forever. And bad weather conditions, poor-quality roads further reduce the already short life of these fragile parts. Therefore, the easiest way to keep the running gear working is to drive carefully and call in for diagnostics at least once every half a year.