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The future is near

Universe is a generation of Hyundai Aero series buses. A new, truly comfortable and functional bus with a great modern design. A key design feature is the monocoque body. The frameless body structure improves handling, significantly reduces the vibration of both longitudinal and transverse buildup.

Modern dynamic style

When developing the Universe, the engineers took the load-bearing body as a basis, they managed to increase the overall rigidity by more than 15% and significantly reduce vibration and reduce the noise level from the oncoming air flow while driving, increasing the ride comfort. Not the last role in reducing drag was played by the design of the side mirrors and the increase in the windshield.

Increased comfort

Engineers increased the width by 40 mm and the height of the cabin by 55 mm to increase the comfort of the bus. To improve visibility to the front passengers, it was decided to lower the driver's seat by 65 mm. Updated skylights, large windows and carefully selected interior colors create a cozy atmosphere.

Improved ergonomics

Increased legroom and a new ergonomic air-suspension seat that reduces vibrations and reduces muscle tension on the road are sure to please drivers. Intuitive control layout, one-piece dashboard design and multi-tasking LCD displays will turn the trip into a holiday of comfort.

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