Cab NQR 90 LM


Comfort for the driver is very important, as it helps to increase his efficiency and vigilance, and hence the safety of driving. That is why ISUZU N-series cabs include many features to improve comfort on the road and reduce driver fatigue. Among them: easy entry and exit, good visibility, an efficient ventilation system, an easy-to-read informative instrument panel and a well-thought-out seat design. Many convenient compartments for various little things so necessary on the road allow you to keep the cabin in perfect order and cleanliness and at the same time, if necessary, quickly use them.
ISUZU N-series cab - the perfect combination of comfort and functionality


Top shelf
Place on the center console
Seat in the center seat
Convenient box on the dashboard
Driver side ashtray
door pocket

Convenient handle placement and calipers make entering and exiting the cab easy and convenient, especially when opening the three-position door at an angle equal to 90 degrees.


Easily accessible door handle

non-slip step