Safety NPS75 LK



3-point harness

Effectively restrains and protects the driver and passenger from injury in the event of an accident.

reinforced frame

Thanks to the transverse box-type structure, the reinforced frame provides reliable protection of the cab in the event of a collision, and also ensures durability and stability when driving.















Wide viewing angle

A wide viewing angle will allow the driver to control the roadway, which in turn will reduce the risk of an accident.


Additional spherical rear-view mirrors

Additional spherical mirrors increase the viewing angle, helping the driver to control the situation behind.


Multi-halogen headlights

Ideally transparent lenses, combined with reflectors, will provide you with excellent visibility at night.


Turning lights on the doors

Additional cornering lights on the doors improve visibility on the road, which helps to avoid accidents on the road.


Large rear lights

The enlarged rear lights ensure that rear drivers know when the driver is braking or turning. When reversing, the warning light also comes on.


Front and rear drum brakes

Extra large brakes ensure that your truck stops in time.


Advanced braking system

The advanced air brakes have been specifically designed for heavy-duty use and meet ECE requirements.


Fog lights

Fog lights increase safety at night.