Motors NLR 85L



Meets modern environmental standards, powerful and at the same time economical diesel engine Isuzu 4JJ1, has the highest reliability and ease of maintenance. The engine is equipped with a common rail Common-Rail, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), turbocharger and air intercooler.

Common Rail Fuel Injection System

An electronic system of the highest precision determines the optimal parameters for fuel injection and delivers the required amount of fuel to the cylinders within thousandths of a second. This achieves a significant reduction in the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and soot in the exhaust gases. 







16-valve DOHC gas distribution system with EGR system

The valve design is carefully synchronized even at high speeds, resulting in improved cylinder filling on the intake stroke and more efficient exhaust gas evacuation on the exhaust stroke. In addition, thanks to the EGR system, part of the exhaust gases, after pre-cooling, is fed into the intake duct and then flows back into the engine cylinders. The EGR system reduces the content of nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the exhaust gases and at the same time improves fuel economy.