HD 210

  • Load capacity: 8,800 kg
  • Engine Model: D6GA2B
  • Engine size: 5,899 cc
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HD 210

The HYUNDAI HD 210 is a classic medium duty truck that meets HYUNDAI's high quality and reliability standards. The HD 210 is the ideal partner for your business. A comfortable cab with sturdy seats and an ergonomic wide instrument panel make driving simple and easy.


Everything in the cab of the HD truck is designed to serve the comfort of the driver and passengers, reduce fatigue from a long journey and the stress caused by constant stops. This cabin design is the result of the work of real professionals. On which roads it has not been tested! The folding cable shift mechanism is lightweight and easy to use. New, strong material on the seats, textured floor mats, excellent protection against noise, vibration and harshness, woodgrain finishes, LED lamps, an intuitive dashboard - and this is not all that makes HYUNDAI trucks the first choice of any driver.


LUCKY Trucks are used in various fields and industries, respectively, the needs of drivers and passengers may differ. The cab of each truck in the HYUNDAIHD range is designed to meet any need - to provide comfort on a long journey, please with strength and durability. Still - do you expect anything else from HYUNDAI?


Whether you choose a simple naturally aspirated six-cylinder diesel or a premium turbocharged air-to-air intercooler, any HYUNDAI engine delivers trouble-free performance with high fuel economy. What's more, HYUNDAI engines are equipped with high-efficiency high-pressure fuel pumps, making them easy to maintain, reliable and durable.

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