Cabin FVR 34 UL-M/Q

Optimal interior space

Spacious cab for work and leisure. The dashboard, intuitively located controls and comfortable seats will reduce fatigue on the road. While the rear part of the cab will allow the driver to relax after a long journey and comfortably place personal items.


Pleasant and productive work environment

Engineers have designed the cab to reduce driver fatigue, creating a pleasant and productive working environment. Comfortable chairs are a top priority. Numerous options increase the level of comfort.

Comfortable seats – less driver fatigue

Comfortable seats are equipped with a mass of various adjustments. A wide range of position changes will help you spend long hours on the road in comfort. The driver's seat is equipped with air suspension. The seat belts are equipped with adjustable fasteners.


Silicone-filled cab supports (option)

Silicone-filled cab mounts dampen shocks and vibrations, smoothing out bumps in the road and protecting items in the cab. This cab suspension reduces the burden on the driver and significantly improves the ride quality.

Spring suspension

ISUZU engineers have designed the suspension to minimize vibration as much as possible, thereby increasing ride comfort. In addition, such a suspension protects the car from shock loads. The suspension type is carefully selected to meet the requirements of each chassis model.